Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

Special Bonsai Styling Project

For the birthday of a good friend i requested the help of a professional chocolatier and friend christian Lorczyk, who owns the Confiserie Freundt, in the city center of Mannheim.

Together we recreated one of Japans Bonsai masterpieces in a few hours. With Christians help, it turned out to be a piece of cake ;-)

We had a lot of fun trying different techniques for the deadwood, the foliage and the patina of the pot. After the work was done we had the opportunity to replenish our energy from his rich assortment of fine chocolates and candies.

The ambitious project - A famous Tosho in one day.

Advanced deadwood and foliage shaping techniques were used to create a natural feeling.

Refinishing the work with some accentplants.

Detail on deadwood and bark on the life vein.

The work is done! Minoru Bonsai and Confiserie Freundt proudly present: A Bonsai Masterpiece - by two bonsai masters.

After hard work comes the time for our reward.

Happy Michael Tran after hard work and chocolate eating. A successful day.

To my friend: Thank you for your constant support - without you Minoru Bonsai would not be where it is today. Happy Birthday!

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